For further details or to arrange a visit
please contact Alexander Tinti, the director
of A&A Ecological Consulting Company, Ltd.,
which owns the house on his behalf.             +31 644642254

Alexander Tinti is an artist and stage director from Austria. He lived and worked in New York City and SE Asia and is currently relocating to Costa Rica to establish a wildlife refuge and permacultural farm.

how to buy

Generally, foreigners are not allowed to directly own land in Thailand. However, there are alternatives available, the most common option is to set up your own Thai Limited Company to own the land on your behalf.

This property is owned by A&A Ecological Consulting Company, Ltd. which is free of loans, and can be purchased with no extra cost, saving a lot of time and money. Details can be obtained from Alexander Tinti.

Making an offer: if interested please fill out the binding offer. The procedure is detailed in the document.